About Us

Our Story

Sarin’s Store is Bangladeshi a Brand that manufactures homemade beauty products with all natural and locally grown ingredients. They started their journey back in 2016, when the co-founders were undergrad students and were just exploring the captivating world of beauty. Zarin had always been the beauty guru while Safa was the nerd. The two sisters made the home remedies and studied the interactions between the ingredients. After a long period of trial and errors they came out with their first two products, a face mask and an oil made from family recipe. “Word of mouth” spread pretty fast and friends and family pushed them to market the products. Ever since then, they never really stopped bringing something made simply from the pantry. Currently they have 30 products including masks, scrubs and oils, all dedicated to the people who want safe skin and hair care products.


Our Moto

Everyday we use products which are packed with ingredients we don't even know of. Prolonged use of these chemicals can cause severe health issues. So we bring you the ultimate beauty solutions right from our pantry! Why use synthetic products when you have the access to simple organic ingredients? We incorporate the age-old knowledge of Ayurveda and connect it to modern cosmetology. This is how we want to promote a safe skincare practice with natural ingredients.


Safa Jahangir

Our Belife

We believe everyone is beautiful in their own way, in their own skin, with their own imperfections. We strongly stand against products that claim "instant fairness". We believe in healthy and safe beauty practise. We spread body positivity by embracing whatever features we are born with and taking care of it in a healthy way. We want to bring people back to nature where all the goodness or herbs and seeds are lying to be used. All we do is mix and combine the nature's blessings and deliver them right at your door.


Zarin Tasneem


We make sure our products are a 100% natural and preservative free. Our skin and hair care products are made of locally grown herbs and seeds.


Our beauty consultants and customer service executives are experienced and skilled about skin issues. Feel free to knock us for free beauty consultation.


Herbal products effect different people in different way. So we don’t guarantee the expected result very fast. But we do ensure, you will feel a change within 3 weeks with a regular healthy regime.